About Product Lounge Agency

Daan Durlacher (founder of New Edition and Product Lounge Agency) started this licensing agency after being a licensee in the stationery business for many different brands for over 25 years. With New Edition he worked with many respected licensing brands such as, Warner Bros, The Looney Tunes, Harry Potter, VonDutch, Ed Hardy, PIP Studio, Eastpak, Replay, Route 66 and many more.

This is where Daan’s passion for brands started. With that same passion he started with BLOND AMSTERDAM his first licensing agency cooperation. The brand evolved from a small shop in Amsterdam to an international lifestyle brand with many different products such as, Stationery, Bed/Bath Textile, Chinaware and Fashion.

Sebastiaan Durlacher

Sebastiaan Durlacher

Licensing Manager

Sebastiaan Durlacher (1989) finished his bachelor studies in 2011 at the Nyenrode New Business School in Amsterdam and University of Westminster in London. After successfully writing his thesis in Hong Kong, he started working at Product Lounge Agency.